Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 months already!

Technically, Whitley made two months on NYE, but with the effing growth spurt from Hades happening and Whit having a little hacky-sounding cough... lets just say Mama hasnt had much time for anything.

Whitley is much more alert these days. She is fascinated by anything that turns in circles, specifically fans and her mobile on the swing, the deer on the wall, blinking Christmas lights, and mirrors. She LOVES mirrors! She still hasnt started showing much interest in toys though. Oh, and she has definitely found her hands.. she loves to knaw on them, which I'm hoping isnt the coming signs of early teething. Shoot me now if it is...

Whitley also smiles all the time, and it warms my heart in an unexplainable way to see her grin and coo at me and her daddy. She "talks" to Dusty alot more than to me, but its so funny to watch them interact.

We go for our 2 month checkup and shots :( on Thursday, so I'll update with height and weight afterwards... until then.. enjoy the cuteness of this adorable little girl!


  1. Hey there! Send me an email at ahartzle @ gmail .com and I'll tell you about my job! I'm not sure if they're bringing more people on right now, but I can find out!

    PS- Your daughter is gorgeous!